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None of us can do it alone.

Partnerships, teams, families, communities.  Anyone who has had success in business, and in life, will remark that it is a collective energy that inspires, supports and brings out the best in all of us.

We believe more gets done together.

Imagine Partners is a strategic business consultancy that provides practical, insightful and inspirational solutions to entrepreneurs who are determined to create success for themselves whether it’s general economic growth, wealth creation, designing a better product or service, or funding programs to make the world a better place.   Success for an entrepreneur is personal and may be different for each. Whether you are starting, growing or exiting a business, Imagine Partners would like to help you to achieve the great personal satisfaction that comes from reaching your goals.  And that’s what we do – strategize meaning growth to help you achieve just that.

CHARLENE CHAI, Founder and Managing Partner

Processed with Snapseed.I love finding the solutions. For as long as I can remember, I have fixed problems. I am the go-to person whenever issues arise.  That’s part of what made me a great transactional investment banker, but after 17 years in that field, I found that I prefer the personal interactions that take place within businesses – making more direct and observable changes in my clients’ lives and livelihoods.

Throughout my career as an investment banker, I gained a solid technical and analytical background in building and restructuring both entire companies and specific divisions.  Since founding Imagine Partners in 2001, I have been working with entrepreneurs, listening to the issues that businesses face, discerning what people want, and helping them get there.

I believe in a big picture strategy and I excel at identifying the fundamental issues and operations at play in any given company. I am especially known for creating relevant, actionable options to help both people and their businesses move forward in constructive ways to create value and growth.

The process of helping a company shift from one position to another is often highly personal, as there is no such thing as a company without the people who comprise it. Especially for entrepreneurs, the personal nature of making business decisions is key. I offer my clients both my extensive corporate background and my attention to their personal concerns to help them make sound choices for their businesses. It is my goal to help them to realize their full value and growth potential.

Prior to founding Imagine Partners, Charlene worked in corporate finance and fixed income for 17 years for Chemical Bank, Lehman Brothers, Deutsche Morgan Grenfell, and Enterprise Mortgage Acceptance Company, and was responsible for the successful structuring and management of billions of dollars of transactions.

Charlene is a graduate of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Charlene brings an innovative business mind, the art of skillful negotiation, and a bit of magic to a broad range of business issues for a wide range of clientele in need of solutions.  An avid paddler, she can be often be found stand-up paddling on the Hudson River and even spent a few years as a paddler on an outrigger canoe racing team in Hawaii.

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