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Each client is unique, and so we place great importance in understanding the nuances of individuals and their businesses. Working from a place of genuine curiosity and friendly advocacy allows full exploration of the issues clients face. I eschew traditional platforms and “one size fits all” formulas. Unlike a typical business consultancy, I have no agenda other than helping my clients become the owners of the businesses they dream of.

The work of solving a business problem, however complex, tends to fall into three main categories: discovering the issues, making decisions and implementing changes. While this may sound like a linear 1, 2, 3 process, it is typically anything but. New issues inevitably arise and hidden issues eventually make themselves known, decisions must be re-evaluated and strategies re-envisioned.

With an eye to the shifting nature of these phases of the process, our approach, together, can be broadly outlined as follows:


Taking an objective look at where your company is – ideologically, financially, operationally – can be more challenging than it sounds. We begin, therefore, with careful examination of all the parts: the people, the structures, the goals, and of course, the total financial picture.

People often find that their company no longer reflects their initial vision. The direction a business is headed at present may be radically different from its originally intended trajectory. Is it time for a new destination or time to get things “back on track?

Careful examination of goals, both personal and professional, allows for clarity and perspective on these types of decisions. We might find that the company, though not operating as originally intended, is actually stronger than the initial vision, but management is still oriented to an old paradigm.


With a clearer picture of where to direct the business next, we look closely at what components should remain in place and what needs to change. Companies are often faced with options of whether to expand, scale down, or re-direct entirely. Among other things, I assess choices concerning business/market viability, growth planning, capital raising, sale of assets, and valuation of business.

Imagine creates action plans that can involve processes of mediation and negotiation, both between parties within the company and those outside. I believe in and strive for win-win solutions to whatever issues are on the table, and I have a proven talent for finding them.


One of Imagine’s notable strengths is that there is a commitment and dedication to seamlessly bring business decisions to fruition. I bring over 30  years of experience restructuring corporations large and small to the process of managing and implementing a chosen course of action all the way to completion.

From maximizing the balance sheet to creating a cleaner burning operation and streamlining the financials – including selling assets or divisions or preparing a company for sale, we work to implement solutions in any phase of a company’s life, from startup to financial maturity.

We emphasize from the outset that change doesn’t happen overnight. While some projects are a simple fix, many require a bit more diligence. And the process isn’t always easy. we ask clients to dig deep into their core goals and motivations. This is often uncomfortable territory, but after our work together, clients invariably arrive at a newfound sense of freedom, enthusiasm and accomplishment.

There are many “right” solutions, and my broad experience with diverse businesses and sound business philosophy helps create elegant, tailored and bold solutions for you and your business.